Let the Fun Begin!

Kidz StART, Children's Art Contests to Encourage Creativity

We are Excited to Host our first kids art contest!

This contest is for children ages 6 - 12. There are two age groups 6-9 and 10-12. The contest is to draw outer space! We can't wait to see what your children can create. Please fill out the form below and upload your child's art. Be absolutely sure that you choose the right age group.

Children's Paintings and Drawings...

Let your children get really creative and make some fantastic paintings and drawings. Submit their artwork before the deadline.

Details: Paint or draw Outer Space

Deadline: TBA

Prize: 1 $50 amazon gift card per age group

Struggling for inspiration? Watch the video.

*** We will NOT use your child's information without your consent. If your child win's and art contest we will contact you to see what we can announce through our marketing channels. If you would prefer for your child to remain anonymous we respect that 100%